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my general policy on anarchism and anarchists as a Marxist-Leninist 

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Medical, memory loss, why i don't remember people or the last two years really 

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A note about privacy and potential issues 

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pinned rules post 1/3 

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reintroduction and disclosure, part one (read it all pls) 

also keep in mind that some of the people you tell to fuck off will be people who earnestly believe this shit and have tears in their eyes because they've been taught their whole lives that Israel is the most special place on earth and that anyone who criticizes it is being anti-semitic

I know because I was taught that too in Hebrew school

goy comrades

you're gonna have to learn to steel yourself against this bullshit

if you want to stand with the Palestinian people know you're going to get bullshit accusations of anti semitism

reminder from Norman Finkelstein

lmfao after the UK election the scum is coming out of the woodwork to say "hrmm maybe Bernie is anti semitic???!?"

lewd, genitals, boosts+ 

I once had a literature teacher comparing American superhero to Chinese wuxia, which in retrospect is a really bad take: superhero is arguably yet another fantastical manifestation of Western Colonialism and Imperialism, where might and right are intrinsically linked together; meanwhile wuxia had always been created as sideways critiques of the establishment - *Water Margin/Outlaws of the Marsh/all Men Are Brothers/Men of the Marshes/The Marshes of Mount Liang*, one of the ur-example of the wuxia genre, is literally based on the expression *"the government forces the people to rebel"*, and emphasizes the idea that *"(all people) within the four seas are brothers"*.

Yeah I'm a Centrist:

C - Conservative
e - in
n - denial
t -
r -
i -
s -
t -

@Pyretta meanwhile actual lesbian songs: "Girls so pretty.... " - "we like girls too..." Wholesome songs.

I resurrected my #Patreon:

Help me afford continued work on sustainable technology without compromising in ways that would negatively impact my partner's care or my own safety.

Boosts appreciated, we're facing the end of our disability income, and we still have nothing but symptoms in @sesshirecat's case.

--- #LiberaPay #KoFi #Patreon

re: translation (Romanian?) question, boost appreciated 

question, plzboost 

it is awfully annoying to listen to cishet males songs about their "love" for women. the whole lyrics are just so..... wtf? straight out sexist or abusive or just about sex and reducing women to bodies or like "oh you l eft me and now I realised I made a mistake" oh really?

Ever done a ritual while Fallout Boy plays in the background?

Scotpol, independence, an idea 

Scotpol, independence, an idea 

The rise of fascism, patterns 

Asking for financial support -- goal reached 

If the media wrote about the UK like they do to Latin American countries

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