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Medical, memory loss, why i don't remember people or the last two years really 

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If you were cancelled for being a bigot, get the fuck off my instance. I will not tolerate bigotry here, only recovery and improvement.

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A note about privacy and potential issues 

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pinned rules post 1/3 

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reintroduction and disclosure, part one (read it all pls) 

I dont make self-decrees very often but I'm gonna make one now:

As fedi as my witness, there's gonna come a day where I am never working for a white person again.

I did that machine learning image thing and apparently I look like every possible slur

can you believe that egyptian mythology is *right there* and the only relatively popular game that even barely dipped their toe into the sea of amazing stories is an assassin's creed game from 2017, a couple of ok tomb raiders and age of mythology and that's it

okay, 2nd interview with google at 2:00 PM (that’s 40 minutes from now), so please be chill and leave me some nice messages to come back to ✨

Clarke's Third Law states that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic

I'd argue we've got to that point now and so instead of "person who knows a bit about tech" I am in fact a witch

@hyperlink Twink Fast powers up like Popeye the Sailor, except he downs a Hyperdrink™︎ Energy Seltzer (Now Available in Stores!) before every fight to unlock his full potential!

Action figure and breakfast cereal coming soon!

LGBTQAI+ Hot Take 

The LGBTQIA community will weather the apocalypse better than most,

because we know how to cooperate outside of family units and artificial teams

I think often on what a union organizer once told me about electoral politics

"You aren't working to elect an ally who will act in your favour. You are working to elect an enemy who is easier to fight"

food pod rocket 

twinks are actually just like the mogwai from “gremlins”—
• must be kept out of direct sunlight or they’ll die
• should never be given water to drink or play in (seltzer only)
• bad things happen if they’re fed after midnight
• love music (especially car seat headrest)

I have created a superhero persona for my very good buddy @hyperlink, aka “Twink Fast, the Seltzer-fueled Speedster”

You're in your office.
You open a small bag of saltines.
You hear a loud quacking outside your window.
You open the blinds.
It's Webster.
You're on the 57th floor.

These all mean the same thing 

Meta, Not A Subtoot: Every Fandom Has These Buttheads In It 

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