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Medical, memory loss, why i don't remember people or the last two years really 

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If you were cancelled for being a bigot, get the fuck off my instance. I will not tolerate bigotry here, only recovery and improvement.

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A note about privacy and potential issues 

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pinned rules post 1/3 

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reintroduction and disclosure, part one (read it all pls) 

"When the axe came into the forest, the trees said 'the handle is one of us,'" is my favorite way to describe liberals

trans, medical stuff, HRT and pseudoperiods and weed 


@FuchsiaShock this is me being a weird autistic girl but i've always had the feeling cats see us as big clumsy cats, so I try and communicate and understand things on their level to validate that understanding of the world and make it work for them. <3

@FuchsiaShock I usually crouch down to their level a bit more and do similar. I get a surprising amount of kitty cuddles.

@Pyretta i always respect the cat's consent by letting them choose to interact with me or not. it seems the best way.

@FuchsiaShock good idea <3 that lets kitties decide when and how they get cuddles, which is good if you don't want to get clawed.

@Pyretta when meeting a cat, i put my hand out im front of me, lightly balled into a fist at the cat's height, and let the cat come to me and snif it and rub their face on it.

handy tip for petting cats: reach out slowly and so they can easily see, that way they can think about it and go either "yeah sure" and let you pet them or they'll shy away which means not in the mood. Be respectful to kitties.

edgy leftists forget that if the only thing the revolution brings is an edge, then it's going to cut a lot of marginalized people when it gets here. and probably not the ones they think it will.

hot take re: libraries under capitalism. 


hey does anyone want snuggles? I wanna snuggle.

Hi, I designed a new NB symbol based off the Hades symbol from Uranian Astrology.

One, I like the idea that it's Hades, but also the broken circle admits all of its surrounding space into the symbol, and inversion of the tails from the mirrors of Venus and Mars represent both the presence and subversion of binary gender ideas and norms.

@Pyretta you and I both know the time capsule would just be "never gonna give you up".

Introducing the future to hell, one painfully slow frame at a time.

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you are not entitled to an explanation about why i unfollowed/soft blocked you
this isn't a subtoot i'm just stating it here, i have my reasons for distancing myself from people and i don't want people to dm me about it

futurist concept i love, archiving and preservation, sci fi 

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