been thinking a bit about the idea of a ‘post-scarcity society’

the idea of a society is without scarcity is an intriguing one to me, and one that bare minimum would involve all basic needs being met without question

but to do this in our current system is kind of antithetical to the way our system works

one of capitalism’s basic tricks for selling stuff to you is to put the doubt into your head that you are WITHOUT something that you NEED

this isn’t a REAL need but it is a method of tricking you into believing that what capitalism wants you to buy is something you supposedly lack in your life

and with a lack of oversight and control on this system of propaganda delivery, capitalism could manage to sell our basic needs to us, and for those it has thrown into poverty it works to convince them that to climb the ladder is how they can acquire the more expensive ‘needs’ capitalism sells to them on top of their basic needs


@CyclopsCaveman capitalism fundamentally Does Not Work without scarcity. If there's enough for everyone, there's no opportunity for sales. This is why they have enclosed or destroyed the commons wherever they can, this is why farmers pour out millions of gallons of milk,etc. Scarcity is the fundament of capitalism but our basic needs of food, shelter, and safety are easily met unless you enforce scarcity.

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