So apparently as a default feature Pleroma has an option to circumvent and ignore blocks.

Can someone make me a version of the gab-blocking code for Pleroma, please? I suddenly feel very unsafe.


I must remind you in all this that Kiwifarms runs pleroma instances. If you let them circumvent blocks, you're enabling harrassment. Harrassment with a body count.

@Pyretta because of the way federated blocks work the people on k**ifarms were able to track people who block them, which gave them more opportunities to harass people from other accounts. that actaully happend and it’s disturbing. both federating and non-federating blocks are valid options with upsides and downsides. do not see how that makes kaniini a fascist

@Pyretta ok let’s explain this slowly, since it’s a common yet invalid complaint

when you block someone from mastodon/pleroma, your instance will store “pyretta has blocked meaniemaster” next to your profile record
if you have federating blocks turned on, your instance will tell meaniemaster’s instance that you have blocked meaniemaster. please unfollow meaniemaster from this account. the server can behave badly here and tell meaniemaster “hey you just got blocked by pyretta” - he can tell his friends, and they can all be meanies in backlash
if you have federating blocks off, or the other instance chooses not to listen to block messages (“circumventing”, as you put it), your instance still knows that you blocked meaniemaster. he just won’t know that fact.
no matter which of the above actions happen, your instance will know that you have blocked meaniemaster and will not send your statuses to his instance, nor show you anything he sends to you

in reality, provided you trust the instance you live on, blocks will behave entirely as expected. the use case for turning them off is as @epicmorphism xplained - it’s to keep the blocked user in the dark as to what has happened.

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