Selfies with eye contact, boosts ok πŸ’– 

Selfies, eye contacts, boosts welcome (it my birfday!) 

thiiis girl, who also usually rocks suit pants and big tall chunky heels. <3

Kaniini and their friends, maybe don't let them near vulnerable people any more? 

Personal bingo, undescribed image reupload (clearer version) 

Personal bingo! How like me are you? (Undescribed image) 

Picrew eye contact, lots of sparkles 

Animal skull, spooky art (background clutter sorry) 

Selfies, eye contact, sexy outfit 

Selfies, double eye contact, trans girls 

Selfie, eye contact, suggestive pose 

callout of a fascist 

More pics re: Eye contact, selfie, #FineFemmeFriday 

Eye contact, selfie, #FineFemmeFriday 

Aesthetic picture, ornamental weapons 


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