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also yes Nemo isn't very villainous, she's Chaotic Neutral at best (not strictly good because she's way too nasty about taking out her enemies, and has a bad habit of letting them go because she can't off them in a satisfyingly ironic way, so that costs her a few morality points in terms of harm enabled etc)

I want to write a first short story about Nemo, my villainsona. (i also want to commission art of her: ). Which story should I write? The story of how she came to be? Or should I write about how her cybernetics got fried, or should I expand on her spat with Blackeye?

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9/11, meta 

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going to become the first to make a mastodon podcast. never been done before.

yes, i’m a programmer.
yes, i’m a furry.
yes, i applied for a bunch of jobs and accepted interview invitations using a google account that has my fursona set as the icon.
we exist; deal with it :girafficfullglasses:

9/11, sarcastic but also serious 

After thinking about it for some time I've decided that I'm blocking users of from using Moa. I cannot in good conscious contribute to the spread of anti-trans rhetoric any longer.

@Pyretta @dzuk it seems a bit off when you are judged as "boring" social democrat by these surveys simply because you believe in public services such as healthcare, good transport infrastructure etc and would rather not see the streets of your country in flames with riots/civil conflict, having *already* lived through that and its long term consequences..

in where Poirot is too distracted by a hunk‘s hot body to find out what’s wrong with his car

been re-listening to the Poirot books on tape since I’ve been driving a lot recently, and there are a lot more times than I remembered where Poirot is openly ogling twinks

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@Pyretta Even the ones that weren't fashy (like private transport) just aren't an either/or thing. I quite liked a British left thinktank's idea of dealing with that question in London - ban fossil fuel cars for private transport, greatly extend public transport reach and make a public pool of light electronic vehicles available for private use/hire, with particular provision/access for the disabled.

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