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my gender is a "my gender is" toot that's been deleted and redrafted three times

One of my favorite conceits given in a short comic is that in their setting all guns stopped working because they weren't cool enough. So people are running around wielding increasingly elaborate swords because if it's not cool then the weapon won't work at all

Meta question, Florence 

Meta question, Florence 

children today have the same thoughts and feelings you had when you were a child.

don't deny them that. don't invalidate their feelings. you're allowed to have you feelings today, why aren't they?

getting your favorite categories (gender, ethnicity, etc) included on forms isn't "acceptance", you're just refining the colonialist architecture to target your minority group with its exploitative logics

My recurring thought on writing "SNMP Mastery":

There is so much bad here, I'm failing to capture even a fraction of it. This book will disappoint everyone.

Best I can do is to provide a Map of Foul Entities. A Tome of Horrors. Really, this book *is* the Networknomicon...


"book of network names": checks out
nightmares: check
eldritch horrors: check
non-Euclidean geometry: CHECK
pretty sure Nyarlathotep was up in my business that one time: checkity-check-check

one day I hope people play meatpunks on an emulator and it becomes a weird, retro hit

Also, 'boomer' is a fuck of a lot more 'colloquially accessible', if you will.

b/c whenever i hear white people say 'cracker' i just think it's some kind of weird joke im not in on

In fact, we've been talking about 'boomers' since damn near the 90s.

You might remember, they were referred to as 'fucking crackers', but, y'know, it didnt have the same topical flair as it does now.

I know, for a *FACT*, someone's gonna say to me: "Y'know your dad's a boomer?? He was born in $year!!"

And my answer will be "Yes, that's correct, but he's not a Boomer."

And it'll illicit a "hUh??" or a "wHaTs tHe DifFeReNcE??" and I'll just be like :blobfacepalm:

It's a lovely morning in the Enercare Centre, and you are an award-winning goose.

@sanjayuvacha can return to Twitter if he deletes 'objectionable' post, but he won't

Hegde’s Twitter account has been blocked twice since Saturday over an iconic 1936 photo of Nazi Germany and for sharing a poem titled ‘Hang Him’.

Good coverage about #boycotttwitter #twitter

Trying mastadon for the first time cos twitter is full of nazis and right wing trolls who rarely get suspended. I hope this place is better ! #introduction

am cold! i need many warms today *hides under a blanket*

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