plumbing-type humans and nonhumans out there, I'd like to add a tripwire/pressure plate system to my shower, to try and save water and heating.

does anyone know what kind of system I can use?


(boosts welcome)

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reminder that if you're gonna invite children into the fediverse you should invite them into 18+ instances because those are safer for children than PG-13 inatances.

shit happens in PG-13 spaces, not 18+ spaces, simply because of expectations. (as well as lack of moderation I guess, which is very common in PG-13 spaces.)

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I hate the ideas of "purity" and that sexual stuff is "evil" or something.

I'm gonna call my next software "ABDL".

because it protects you from unCWed and improperly CWed things.

(this isn't a subtoot, but rather an idea of sorts. something to think about, to consider.)

telling someone "take a step back, you're having a meltdown" is not gaslighting.

if you're right about it, then you helped someone through a meltdown. if you're wrong about it, they can tell you something similar, they can tell you their experience. then you can work out together why your interpretations didn't match.

(ofc, if someone does this, they could just be trying to control you, in which case it is gaslighting. different situations tho. gaslighting doesn't take feedback into account.)

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