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Rules are as follows: 1: Absolutely no fucking callouts or subtoots. 2: If something has you pissed and you're going to make a heated response: don't. Go cool off for five minutes, process your anger and make a cogent response. Or better, if you know the person (and definitely if they're on this server) talk to them in private after letting the initial impulse pass. People who are genuinely trying to be better usually respond well to that. 3: Any violations of rules 1 and 2 should be reported immediately. Generally, in these cases I will have a private chat with the reported, and we'll see how it goes. 4: Officially, I don't care about the person you used to be (though I'd still like to be aware of your previous actions) and in general, with few exceptions, will only moderate based on actions on this server (Actual criminal charges are those few exceptions). If you're here, I'm assuming you're here in good faith, trying to be better. 5: Under no circumstances are you to attempt to relitigate drama. Do not contact the other people who were involved with it, do not try and reopen the argument, just be better. You are here to recover, not to rehash. Note for other Fediverse admins: Please try and refrain from fully suspending this server. I am well aware it's going to attract people that others really don't want to see, but individual blocks should suffice. I'd rather the people on here can keep fully in touch with their friends on the fediverse, wherever they be, for the sake of recovery. Also, please report any bad faith actors on here, while I'll do my best to weed them out I am not omnipotent even within my own domain.